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Plan to Help Yourself – Not Just the Bank

USING BUSINESS PLANS PROFITABLY Anyone who has ever approached their bank for a loan appreciates the necessity of having a business plan. But, in my experience, few small business owners actually use their plans to help run their businesses. Those who do appear enjoy greater success than the majority who file it away as soon[...] Read more »

Top 5 Expenses That Small Businesses Shouldn’t Be Cutting

Continuing an earlier theme of flawed decision making under pressure, in this article I’m going to identify 5 expenses which, if cut, can prove to be just too sharp for the business’s own good. 1. HEADCOUNT Anyone who has ever worked in a large organisation during austere times will understand why this is top of[...] Read more »

Twist or Fold – What’s a Small Business Owner To Do?

What should small business owners be looking to do as the economic landscape continues to meander at uninspiring levels? An old colleague of mine, who managed a chain of 100+ retail stores, was a veteran of 2 previous recessions and used to say that the only way to survive a recession was to hunker down,[...] Read more »

Is Your Accountant Nosy Enough?

Whenever I take on a small business owner as a new client I make it my business to try and find out as much as possible about their business, their aspirations and their domestic arrangements. It’s probably obvious to clients that the more I understand their business the better able I am going to be[...] Read more »

What Happens When Business is Hot and Management is Not?

I’ve been following the recent news stories in recent months about Glasgow Rangers FC’s financial difficulties with some interest.

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